Himalaya | GaiaZOO

The new Himalaya exhibit for GaiaZOO is home to four red panda’s and two muntjacs. TVK ZooDesign designed, together with the team of GaiaZOO, the landscape, routing and plantings for the new area. Starting point for the design was that visitors have to experience the animals from different perspectives, to use the existing height differences and to create an exhibit that is an addition to the Taiga-area and will fit in the future plans of this part of the zoo. Also visitors of the Hof van Gaia (business centre of GaiaZOO) can experience the animals from the terrace along the pool. The exhibit is made as big as possible, because GaiaZOO wishes to expand the collection with more species for this exhibit in the future.

Client: GaiaZOO Kerkrade (NL)
Species: red panda and muntjac
Size: 1.100m2
Design: October 2015-January 2016
Status: under construction