Taiga aviary GaiaZOO


The latest project in GaiaZOO is open: the Taiga aviary. The main bird is the monk vulture which is accompanied with a large group of other vultures, pigeons, crane birds, hoopoe and European roller. The aviary is the transition in the Taiga-part of the zoo between the European and Asian parts. Camels and the new red panda exhibit complement the “Asian-part” of the Taiga. TVK ZooDesign was asked to participate in the design at various levels.



TVK ZooDesign becomes Corporate Member

TVK ZooDesign has become an EAZA Cooperate Member from October 2016 onwards.




New red panda exhibit GaiaZOO


GaiaZOO has opened the new exhibit for red panda’s. Together with muntjacs, swans and ducks the panda’s live in an 1.100m2 exhibit. Visitors can view the animals from different parts viewpoints at different heights. Also visitors of the Hof van Gaia can have an view into the exhibit. TVK ZooDesign was asked to study the different options for a red panda exhibit and to make a more detailed landscape design for the exhibit together with the team of GaiaZOO.



Opening African wild dog exhibit


The new African wild dog exhibit of GaiaZOO has opened in early 2016. Together with the team of GaiaZOO, a new large exhibit was designed. TVK ZooDesign was asked to design the landscape and plantings for the new exhibit. Special feature is the new pond which acts as a natural water storage and drains the slopes around the pond. At this way, the ground is not to wet for plantings and the African wild dogs have a natural drinking pool.



Construction update GaiaZOO: African wild dogs

23-02-2016, update 04-03-2016

GaiaZOO has started with the construction of a second project in 2016. Next to the Himalaya exhibit, TVK ZooDesign was asked to make design for a new African wild dog exhibit. GaiaZOO determined the border of the exhibit and the type of fencing and asked to make a design for the landscape. For more construction pictures >>



Masterplanning in zoos

Almost every zoo works with a masterplan and TVK ZooDesign works differently from other planners by creating a basic sustainable landscape (long-term) in which future enclosures and exhibits (dynamic elements) could be developed with the help of basic ingredients. More information will follow soon.



Construction GaiaZOO started: Himalaya


GaiaZOO has started with the construction of the first project of 2016, called Himalaya! TVK ZooDesign has designed the new mixed red panda and muntjac exhibit. It is expected that the project is finished in a few weeks. For more information about the design, please check the project page and the blog of GaiaZOO. For more construction pictures >>



New website!


Welcome to the new website of TVK ZooDesign. It has been a busy year with a lot of new projects, visits and a new website. The website is not completely finished yet, but please check out the updates projects. In the coming months, new projects will be constructed and of course regular updates will be made.


Publication ZooQuaria

An article about the new area Wolvenvallei was published in the latest ZooQuaria (Issue 87). In this article the design was explained in combination with the educational concept. The magazine can be downloaded from the EAZA wesbite.



Opening Wolvenvallei (Valley of the Wolves)

On June 28 2014 GaiaZOO opened the new Wolvenvallei (Valley of the Wolves) for the public. In an earlier stage, the enclosures for raccoons and skunks and the aviary for owls, ravens and storks was already opened and visitors could walk through the tunnel. Now the complete area is open and visitors can walk through the entire area. The aviaries and wolf exhibit are finished.

Check the project page for pictures of the day of opening and more information.


Start construction Wolvenvallei

In January 2014, GaiaZOO started the construction of the Wolvenvallei (Valley of the Wolves). This project is not only about a new wolf enclosure, but covers multiple exhibits about invasive species and species returning to the Netherlands. There will be two walk-through-aviaries with parakeets, ibises, ducks, pheasants and turtles. There will also be a large enclosure for raccoons and skunks, the large wolf enclosure and finally a large aviary for European eagle owls, ravens and black storks. See the project page for more information and pictures.



Afrikanum Zoo Duisburg

TVK ZooDesign visited in 2012 many zoos to study the future possibilities concerning savannah design. Zoo Duisburg was interested in this study and gave the opportunity to develop models for a new Afrikanum area. This resulted in a design. This design will not be constructed yet, but kept in mind for the future. For more information, check the projects page.




Snow leopards Tierpark Hellabrunn

TVK ZooDesign has made a sketch design for a new snow leopard exhibit in Tierpark Hellabrunn (Munich). With the new masterplan for Tierpark Hellabrunn the zoo would be transformed into a continent structured zoo. TVK ZooDesign made a sketch how the current baboon exhibit could be transformed into a snow leopard exhibit.




Lion exhibit Tierpark Hellabrunn

One of the transformation designs of Tierpark Hellabrunn, the lion exhibit, can be found at the projects page. The design is currently under evaluation by the zoo so a only a number images are presented at this moment. Soon more sketches will follow, including the sketches of the snow leopard exhibit.



Recommendation Theo Pagel

Theo Pagel, zoological director of Kölner Zoo, has written a recommendation for TVK ZooDesign after finishing the sketch designs for the California sea lions exhibit and African savannah.

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“TVK ZooDesign is a young zoo design office, but already with significant experience. The office has the design skills but also the knowledge about animal and zoo keeper requirements. They take the initiative and are willing to learn. The office is not afraid of a challenge and does extensive research on possible solutions. They are easy to work with and the meetings are very interactive. The solutions/concepts/designs they make, fits the wishes of Kölner Zoo, but they also add elements that makes the designs innovative, renewing and surprising.”