Wolf Valley and Invasive species | GaiaZOO

GaiaZOO opened on June 28 their new invasive species area which tells the story of exotic species and returning species in the Netherlands. The official name is Wolf Valley and the area has five exhibits: Parkieten Paradijs, Vreemde Vogel Volière, Wolven Vallei, Wasberen & Stinkdieren and the Oehoe Volière. The central exhibit is the valley for the European grey wolf which the visitors can see from a tunnel and several other viewpoints. On both sides of the tunnel are several exhibits with walk-through aviaries and the raccoon exhibit. The main aviary is the Vreemde Vogel-aviary which is 9 meters high and houses several bird, duck and other species. The design is made together with the curator, engineer and staff of GaiaZOO. 
Client: GaiaZOO (NL)

Species: European gray wolf, raccoon and skunk, Eurasian eagle-owl, black stork, raven and several parakeet and turtle species
Design: October 2013-June 2014