Masterplan | Dierenpark Emmen
The design of Dierenpark Emmen was part of the research Zoos in Transition, the final thesis of the master Landscape Architecture at Wageningen University. goals of this thesis were to analyse zoo structures, their histories and their future plans, in order to develop contextualised concepts for a future zoo. One of these concepts was tested on a design for Dierenpark Emmen. The biotope zoo concept was selected for the new zoo of Emmen and integrated in the landscape of Emmen. This model was chosen because Dierenpark Emmen is famous for the development of the continent model. The future zoo can function as a link in the landscape between city and rural. The main structure is formed by a green framework, a casco-concept, that connects the centre of the city to the new location of the zoo.

Type: Case study masterplan Zoos in Transition 
Size: 70 
hectares excl. public space
Period: September 2007-January 2009
thesis landscape architect, offered to Dierenpark Emmen